Alumni Spotlight: Caitlin Boros

Spotlights_Caitlin Boros

Meet Caitlin Boros, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Raising the Roof, and find out why she thinks volunteering as a communication professional is so important.

By Amy Soden, MPC 2014

Finding outlets to engage in volunteer work will make you a better communicator.

Prior to entering the MPC program, Caitlin Boros (MPC 2014) was developing her communication skills at an advertising agency in Toronto – but something was missing. “I’d always known I was passionate about working in the nonprofit sector, and after refining my skills through the MPC, I sought a different direction,” said Caitlin, reflecting on her growth over the past year.

From politics and persuasion to passions for nonprofit

Before coming to Ryerson, Caitlin completed her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at Carleton University, concentrating in image, politics, and persuasion. Caitlin’s passion for effective messaging and supporting nonprofit organizations has now led to a new career path. She currently works as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Raising the Roof, a national charity that focuses on providing long-term solutions to homelessness.

Success requires strategy

In describing her approach to her work, Caitlin says: “I always think strategically; I’m constantly seeking the most effective ways to spread awareness and increase engagement with limited resources.” As the holiday season approaches, Caitlin reflects on the value of contributing to one’s community through active support. “Whether it be an investment of time, expertise or a donation, communicators can play an essential role in supporting generosity during the season of giving,” she says.

Career advice

When asked what advice she would share with her fellow ProCom alumni, Caitlin emphasizes that professional communication skills are just as valuable outside of your place of employment. Caitlin’s orientation to her career and her community are one and the same: “Finding outlets to engage in volunteer work or other means of ‘giving back’ will not only help enhance your portfolio, résumé, and network… it will make you a better communicator.