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YouTube beauty reviews

Research Roundup: What’s New

Catch up on some of the latest research from MPC students spanning Indian history, creative advertising and YouTube beauty reviews.

visual communication research roundup

Visual Communication: Research Roundup

Visual communication is not only ubiquitous, it’s fundamental to good communication across all industries. Find out more about MPC students’ research in visual communication

Change Management: Research Roundup

by: Nicola Brown, MPC2014 Good communication is central to change management and knowledge mobilization. Find out more about what MPC students have …

Image of two hands holding game console infront of tv screen.

Gamification: Research Roundup

By: Nicola Brown, MPC2014 Gamification is happening all around us from our morning coffee to our personal relationships. In the following MRPs …

Digital Marketing: Research Roundup

By Andreea Mihai, MPC2017 An increasingly critical frontier of communication studies, digital marketing channels enable new and unprecedented ways to reach and …

Research Roundup workplace insights

Workplace Insights: Research Roundup

By Nicola Brown, MPC2014 From employee engagement to creative motivation, MRP projects seek greater visibility into our workplaces, employees and business practices. …

Brand Storytelling: Research Roundup

By Nicola Brown, MPC2014 With the rapid evolution of technology and digital media platforms, brand storytelling is a continually shifting landscape. MRP …